Aqua Tower Defense (WIP)

ATD (working name) is in development Tower Defense game set in underwater post-apocalyptic world. Project features beautiful isometric environment, highly customizable towers, challenging difficulty and tons of enemy types.

We are giving Player the choice how to approach challenges by crafting and customizing he’s defenses with numerous behavior changing items collected during the game.

Enemy has ability to support each other by healing and buffing. Attacking the player defenses chaotically or assembling in to attack squads.

Tower customization system allows player to combine found items in to different tower configurations. Many items add specific properties like Area of effect, Poison, Slowing, Bouncing.. etc. We have more than 20 properties so far, and all of those are combined to work with synergy. Towers change they look depending on parameters resulting from item combination. Our procedural visualization system handles representation of wide range of possible combinations.

In hose developed custom lighting model applies lighting to 2d Sprites with consideration to isometric space and depth. As a result we achieved a highly capable toolset for shading and lighting for our environment, with added ability to apply Fog, Vertex displacement, Ambient Occlusion, Animated Caustics and more.