Zombie Run 2

Zombie Run 2 is a endless runner mobile game we co-developed with our long-time partner Retro Style Games. While we've been responsible for gamelogic and asset integration inside unity, RSG provided beautiful assets and art direction.

Personal, Retro Style Games



Full Cycle Development

Unity, Azure, C#, CG Programming


Project features colorful endless environments, engaging game play, customization, destructive environments and more.

We put a spin on generic endless runner formula by introducing an antagonist character - Igor. Igor runs away from player, dropping traps and various pickups while taunting player to catch him.

As a special treat, we give player the ability to transform in to huge mutant, for a limited time. Changing the gameplay from avoiding to crushing and looting obstacles.

Multi-player events were created with help of Azure. Back-end API supports global player events with different themes and tier rewards for participation.

By breaking obstacles, reaching distance milestones and catching Igor player rewarded with resources he can spend on upgrading his character, mutant or purchasing new avatars.