• General asset production consultation

• Shading / Post-processing Solutions

• Game visual performance optimization

• Building an effective asset pipelines

• Tools


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We offer technical art solutions as a service. We work closely with your engineers, designers and artists to assist in setting out an effective workflow, provide solutions for any obstacle you may encounter, while creating visually sophisticated content, and keeping the company up to speed on the latest technology

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Shading & PostProcessin

We can create stylized environment shading solutions and visual effects to enhance the mood and narrative of our game world.


Optimization & Performance

While mobile devices and game consoles are powerful enough to run absolutely stunning games, without a proper scene and asset organization, shader and post processing optimization it is all too common to end up with a productthat is and user experience, or must exclude low-end target devices. We ensure that your artistic vision and assets can be easily implemented into a game without sacrificing either the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical limitations of the target platforms.


NEW optimization


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