Technical art
as a service

Technical Art is a bridge between Content and Game Engine.
In game development practice, be it creating a naturally looking terrain map, GPU animated jungle scene or custom real-time lighting model, technical art will involve pushing game engine beyond generally provided solutions.

We have been working with unity for over 9 years and achieved a deep understanding of its capabilities and content development processes.

We offer technical solutions as a service of specifically targeting and solving technical challenges of ongoing development.

Optimization &

Mobile devices and game consoles are powerful enough to run absolutely stunning games. However, without a proper rendering and post-processing optimization it is all too common to end up with a product that is unresponsive for optimal user experience and must exclude low-end target devices.

We will solve optimization challenges you’ve encountered during production. We ensure that your artistic vision and assets can be implemented into a game without sacrificing either the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical limitations of the target platforms. Our team achieves this by:

  • Making an analysis of your application performance.

  • Discovering and solving performance bottlenecks.

  • Re-organizing scene and assets.

  • Developing optimized shaders, post processing and rendering pipelines.

Custom Light models Showcase

2.5D Light Implementation

  • Solution for our household project.

  • Isometric environment processed with light that adds volume to 2d sprites, as well as Baked AO, Caustics, Bending animation, Distance and Depth Fog.

2D Light Implementation

  • Solution for open source “Unity Station” Project.

  • Custom pixel perfect Light and Field-Of-View Systems. Efficient, runs on mobile, no limits for lighting sources.

Shading & Post-Processing

Either your project is striving to standout with unique vision in a world full of lookalikes, or pushing the limitations of target platforms, you must go beyond generic solutions and employ the custom approach for shading and post-processing.

Our team has wide range of experience in the field, solving uncommon requirements and developing custom shading solutions for our personal projects and projects of our clients.
We offer a unique service developing specifically those features for you as a standalone offer, or as part of our ongoing cooperation.

  • Custom Lighting models

  • Complex materials.

  • GPU animated objects for vegetation and organics.

  • Post-processing stacks and solutions.

  • Special FX.

We are always looking to work on a novel features, or evolution of common ones.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas, their implementation and technology.